Why should you choose faux stone?

Customers have often approached contractors with the question about what type of stone work they should have installed on their home.  In the modern economy, there are always going to be challenges with money.  When it comes down to it the most important thing that people take into consideration when they are considering purchasing something for their home.  Different styles and types of stone work provide a different look.  Each style comes with a different price according to its quality.  This goes for products of any kind, there are different prices for everything for a reason.

Faux stone is a type of material that is commonly used in stone work.  This type of stone is designed in a way to make it look like genuine stone but in reality it is not.  There is usually a combination of plaster and a combination of other materials that are composed into faux stone.  Do not get scared away by this though.  Just because it is not genuine stone there are qualities that faux stone include that make it well worth your money.

Faux stone can be beneficial for a variety of different reasons:

-Faux stone is made out of materials that are not extremely expensive.  For this exact reason faux stone is a product that can be put on the market for not very much money.  It is the most affordable stone work that is available to customers.

-The weight of faux stone is not nearly as much as something that is made out of real stones.  As you can about imagine, something that is made out of solid genuine stone, will become something that is very heavy.  There are some things in your home that you may want to be decorated by stone work but will need to have something that is not too heavy for that item.  Something like the ceiling or light fixtures cannot have too heavy of objects surrounding them.  In times that you are looking for something like this to cover with stones, you will want to consider faux stone.  You will easily be able to have faux stone on a ceiling for a customized design to add to your space.  If you had real stones there would be no way that you could put it on a ceiling as the weight of the stone panels would collapse and hurt anyone who is under that space.

It can be very easy to get all of the different types of stone work confused.  The thing that you should remember is that faux stone and stone panels look nearly the same.  There are just two main differences between the two.  One, faux stone, is made out of other things than just stone.  For this exact reason the faux stones can be marketed at a lower price.  The stone panels are made out of genuine stone.  Anything that is fully genuine will come with a higher price.  This type of stone paneling is also going to be heavier because of the materials that it is made out of.

You Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful With the Addition of Faux Stone, Rock or Brick

Do you have a home improvement project that you are working on and you are trying to find just the right product for sprucing up the outside of your home? You would like to add some stone or brick or rock but you’re not sure you want to pay the expense of hiring a contractor to install it for you. GenStone has a product for you that is just what you’re looking for and you can install it yourself. It is siding that looks exactly like real rock, stone, or brick. It is a revolutionary faux stone panel system cast from stone, brick and rock. It is made to look authentic and is designed for you to be able to install yourself. It’s light weight and looks great. There are different designs and colors to choose from according to what you want and what looks best on your home. It is also very durable. It has been tested against the harshest of weather conditions such as high winds, acid rain and extreme pressure being up against it. It has passed all of these conditions with flying colors. It comes in panels that you apply yourself using a few basic tools.

Doing a home improvement project is always something that can take a lot of time and money or you can explore your options and search for something that is affordable and quick. If you choose to use the faux stone panels, you can go online and explore the different colors and options available to you. They have an online service that helps you figure out what you want and what you need to order. They also have a chat person that you can talk back and forth with or you can just call them. The online service will help you figure out all the different things that you will need. You can find a list of everything that you will need. They can supply everything you need to attach the faux product that you choose and you can supply the tools that are needed. Whatever you choose, you can learn online how to install it. It’s as simple as painting your house. Even though the faux products aren’t real, they look authentic. No one will know that they are not real. Imagine your surprise when you finish the installation of your faux products and you are asked which mason you used to put the new brick on your home from a neighbor who wants to do the same thing.

Any improvements such as adding brick, or stone to the outside of your home is going to increase the value of your property. The value will go up with the addition of the new faux stone or brick panels that you put on your home, but you don’t have the expense that adding the real thing products would have cost you. Stone masons are not cheap. Most of the cost of applying the real thing to the outside of your home is in the labor cost. Look at the money you save by doing this yourself!

Faux stone panels are a great alternative to traditional masonry construction.

Traditional masonry construction can be a very timely and expensive project for your home. Masonry construction is the building of a structure using individual units that are laid together and then bound together using mortar. These days the most common materials used for traditional masonry construction are brick and concrete. Masonry construction provides excellent durability and low maintenance requirements if properly assembled. Other major advantages of traditional masonry construction include greater protection from fires and other external dangers, such as debris from tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as greater strength to structures overall. The biggest disadvantages of traditional masonry construction are the high cost and timely installation process. Additionally, brick and concrete tend to be very heavy materials that require a strong foundation upon which to lie. If the foundation for the structure cannot endure the heavy materials that are used to build upon it, the structure can suffer from great inconveniences and major problems. Masonry construction can be a great option for your home or building as long as it is built upon a sturdy foundation and assembled correctly.

If you are looking for the advantages of traditional masonry construction without the high cost and expensive installation fees, look no further. Genstone products are revolutionary in the world of construction and remodeling. Genstone’s products are made of faux stone panels that are durable, visually appealing, and budget friendly. Whether it be a commercial, residential, or industrial structure, Genstone’s products work well for any setting. Faux stone panels are great for improving the strength and durability of your structure, while also improving the curb appeal and overall value. Below is a list of some of the main advantages of choosing Genstone’s products for your exterior design needs.

1. Installation

Genstone’s products are designed and engineered to be easy to install for anyone with at least basic carpentry skills. This is an advantage for both home owners and contractors alike. Homeowners may be able to install the product themselves, and contractors will not have to hire out for a special skill set of traditional masonry construction. Decreasing installation time decreases the overall cost of your remodeling project.

2. Savings and Value

While natural materials do provide a beautiful look and feel that simulates “old world craftsmanship”, they can also be hard on your budget and the environment. Using Genstone’s faux stone panel siding exemplifies the look and feel of natural materials while going easy on your budget and your mother earth. You can still achieve the appearance of natural stone and brick without the costly consequences.

3. Budget friendly

According to their website, Genstone’s products can save the average homeowner up to thirty percent on product material costs alone. That isn’t considering the savings for time and labor as well.

4. Low maintenance

Genstone’s products boast a twenty five year warranty due to their confidence in their product. Additionally, Genstone’s products require little to no upkeep. No painting, no waterproofing, and no staining. Simply put, Genstone’s products cannot be beat when it comes to choosing siding for your home or office building.

Stone siding one of the top three interior design tricks to try

Interior design is a competitive field and requires the right combination of experience, education, and personality to make a person truly successful as an interior designer. It is an incredibly rewarding career, consistently ranking high in satisfaction among other professions. There are a few different reasons for this but the biggest is that it is a field which allows a person to use their creativity on a daily basis to make a living. This sort of artistic freedom would leave an artist satisfied, and in fact, many struggling artists turn to interior design as a professional outlet for their creativity.

A successful interior designer must also keep up with the notable trends of the time, which can vary based on region. Here are some of the most recent trends in design, many of which appear to be sticking around for the long haul!

1. Stone veneer went on a bit of a hiatus in the 1980s and 1990s but has come back in the 2000s with full force. >Both interior and exterior stone siding is making a strong comeback and appearing in home and garden magazines and on home makeover shows on a regular basis. Doing one wall, a fireplace, or the lower half of a wall are some of the most popular ways to showcase stone siding. It is a stylish accent to almost any room and when done well, stone siding looks natural and never out of place. There are a variety of excellent vendors out there, such as Gen Stone, who can help you find the right stone for you.

2. Hardwood floors also got a bit of a bad rap for needing too much upkeep, scratching easily, and wearing down. However, today’s new finishes have made hardwood floors more water resistant and harder to damage, and the wide variety of shades make these floors a must for almost any homeowner. Carpet is difficult to clean, expensive to replace if you do not like the color in the end, and can smell if not cleaned properly on a regular basis. Hardwood floors lend a sleek and modern look to any home, are super easy to clean, and cannot be stained by red wine anymore. These floors are here to stay.

3. Accent walls: similar to a stone back splash for a fireplace or a single stone wall, one wall painted a bright color can be the perfect accent to any home. If it turns out the color is too much, simply paint over it and try again. Because it was only one wall it is that easy, and it can make a huge difference in freshening up the interior of any home. Painting an accent wall and hanging a few different pieces of artwork can make all the difference in an otherwise drab living room, and for minimal effort.

These three trends appear to be here to stay, and I am sure there are others. Any interior designer will be keeping up with these and using them on a regular basis, along with spotting any other new and upcoming trends.

How About A Little Faux Stone?

We live in a society where the line between what’s real and fake, is obscured to the point that we sometimes don’t necessarily believe that the choice is clear. I think that people often tie themselves in unnecessary psychological knots, and ought to just relax in most cases and understand that most the decisions they make, are already predetermined by who they are and where they’ve come from. Everywhere we look, it could be magazines, billboards, televisions, the local pool…we’re always trying to decide what’s real and what’s not. I suppose that a lot of people don’t think like me and for that, we should all be grateful. I think it’s safe to say though, that even when we’re not judging people in person or through the pages of a magazine, we have an instinct for what’s real and what’s not. Have you ever been to a miniature golf course or something where there’s what looks like a big boulder, but it’s way too shiny to be real? What did you do if you were curious? I bet that you went up to it and touched it to see what your sense of touch told you on top of what your sense of sight did. Maybe you folded your four fingers into your palm and knocked on the material to sense if it was hollow or not. Who knows, but there are all kinds of tools that we have at our disposal to make things out of that look like others things, we also have tools to detect it with these kind of things.

When trying to create a “faux” product, it’s important to understand why you’re doing it first. Regarding building materials, saving money while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance, is usually the drive behind the motivation. There are faux wood blinds, faux wood roof shingles and faux stone. First of all, if real genuine wood and/or stone in either application weren’t expensive, heavy and more difficult to install, then there’d be no reason for a faux version to exist. Stone veneers exist because people love the look of flat, uniformly stacked stone and it’s not exactly the most affordable building material in the world. Usually the way it goes, is rich people with big houses build using whatever they want, sparing no expense. Then the industry innovators come in and try to find a way to make the look someone wants, more affordable and thus, profitable for them.

I’ve heard someone say: Imitation is the purest form of flattery. Well, you hear it said about people and brands, but you don’t hear it much when you hear people talking about building materials. I’ve seen textured wallpaper before in a brick pattern, but it looked terrible, of course I’d prefer real brick over that. However, the industry innovators that I spoke of earlier, have created and introduced brick veneer faux that looks pretty awesome in fact. It looks so good, that it passes the eye test and touching or knocking on it is the only way to detect that it’s not actually real brick.

Stone siding makes a building look very fancy.

When I was little I remember there was this movie theater that was made of stone. It was the dollar movie theater and that is the one my mom always took my brother and I too, which was really excited because the stone on the outside of the building was really fun to climb. My brother and I used to have a wonderful time climbing on the outside of the building but as you might imagine every time my mother caught us climbing, she would yell at us to get down and she would tug at the back of our shirts to get us down. I always thought she was over reacting, we were going to be just fine, but she told us that building was made out of faux stone, not real stone, so it wasn’t as durable. I completely believed her and I stopped climbing on the building, well mostly. I thought it seems really strong but I did believe my mom.

Come to find out, faux stone is just as strong and in some ways more durable than real stone. The side of that building was actually cast from molds of real stone so it gave it this really beautiful and authentic look to it though my mom knew it was completely stone panels because she was friends with the woman who owned the theater a few years ago. If ever I remember, I will let my mom know that my brother and I would have been just fine, the stone wouldn’t have broken underneath us. Now we might have fallen if we climbed up too high, but we certainly would not have had to worry about breaking the building, only maybe just breaking one our bones. When you get down to it, that is probably what my mother was the most concerned about. That is understandable to me now that I am an adult, but as a child I thought she was being so unfun.

It is such a cool thing that we are finding ways to decorate building without completely exhausting our pocket books. I always wondered how a dollar theater was able to afford such fancy siding, but come to find out they got quality faux stone siding and there was no way you could tell a difference. It’s durable, it’s aesthetically pleasing and relatively easy to install. It’s a great business move and if I ever get a business, I will probably do the same thing. And I will turn an blind eye to kids climbing on things unless it becomes a liability issue of course, for the broken legs not for the broken stone. Gosh, am I turning into my mother? I will always remember climbing up those walls with fondness. Even my mom telling us to get down is a sweet memory because that is really what made climbing the building even more fun, because we knew we weren’t supposed to. If only mothers remembered that about being young!

Stone siding gives a home more character.

My father did well in business and retired in his fifties.  He made a decision at that time to try and spend all of his money to get the family together while he was still alive.  He sent us all a letter upon his retirement saying that we shouldn’t expect an inheritance.  He planned on spending his small fortune while we was still alive.  But, he also mentioned in the letter that he wanted to spend that small fortune on his kids.  Since then, we have taken a two week trip out of the country every year.  We grew up skiing.  Most of the trips that we take involve skiing in one way or the other.  My father also bought a large house in the mountains of Colorado where the family is always welcome.  It has been great for my wife and I.  We go up to my father’s house nearly every weekend from Denver.  My siblings and I also try to get up to his house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I thought the house was perfect.  But, on a recent trip to the Alps of Switzerland, my father fell in love with stone siding.  As a result, he has been overhauling the house all year long in an effort to make it look more like a French chateau.  His house is right outside of Vail, which itself just completed a very expensive overhaul of its buildings’ facades.  I guess that the fascination with the stone used in European ski towns makes sense.  Stone siding makes a building look more elegant.  Stone siding gives a home more character.  The thing that I appreciate about stone siding is that it blends in with the landscape and makes a house feel like it was meant to be there.  When my father was deciding on the type of stone that he would use to cover the house, he spent a lot of time making sure that he made the right decision.  The mountains outside of vail are made of granite.  The granite is a particular grey that some might even call a brown.  The feldspar in the granite lends that grey/brown tint.  There is also a large amount of biotite, which is black mica that lends a certain flair to the granite.  So, when my father was picking out the stone siding for his house, he actually chose a granite that looked very similar to the peaks around Vail.  In this way, the house seemed to be made from the very stone upon which it sat.  While I was a little skeptical of the renovation at first, when I finally saw the results, I was blown away.  The stone siding was magnificent.  I couldn’t have been happier.  My father’s decision to build a house up in the mountains was probably the best thing that he ever did for the family.  That house serves as our connection for every holiday and a lot of weekends in between.  We cherish our time there.  It brings us together in a way that would be impossible without it.

Construction companies getting into faux stone

While in the past the options available to a home owner who was building a home were often brick or wood panels, many modern day construction companies have begun to move into faux stone. The option is a great, cheap alternative for those who don’t want a fully brick home, but who also want to capitalize on the benefits of the stone look. There are many advantages to putting up a faux stone covering over a wall, inside or outside, and there are now many construction companies that will be able to accomplish that for you, and often at a fraction of the cost or the time that a real stone or brick wall would need. Faux stone is becoming very popular because it is quickly and easily installed, and it is light and cheaper. A construction crew can have the exterior perimeter of a home covered from the ground to about four feet up in just a day. There is no molding between each stone that needs to be set or dry. Because the faux stone comes in a large panel, and the panels are cut to the proper size and shape and applied with heavy duty long lasting glue. They are light and fit together seamlessly, and a boarder or a top can also easily be applied to add to the visual effect they create. The faux stone that many construction companies are using lately is much more efficient, and it looks much more like stone than like a mold. Earlier attempts may have appeared a bit plastic looking, or even looked like they were not real stone, but what can be bought on the market today is much more realistic. There are often no indicators that the stone is faux, except that when it is applied it is extremely light and snaps together with other panels. But once the pieces are all glued in place, there is almost no way to tell that they are not real stone or brick. The movement has really caught on with the metal buildings, as it helps to make them look less industrial and much more home like and welcoming. It is also very popular to use faux stone when doing a light remodel of a home, because no walls need to be taken down, as it is just applied to the outside of a wall. An entirely new look can be achieved, without needing much construction work done. This has made an impact on the smaller construction jobs that these companies are able to get completed, and it has quickened the time that it takes to get them done. More jobs are completed in less time due to the use of the faux stone, and they are also coming down in cost as the desire and use of them increases. There are so many different styles on the market, that a homeowner can use a flagstone appearing faux stone, or choose to go with a brick look. Either way, it is the move and wave of the future of home improvement projects.

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Faux stone from GenStone is green

When you are looking into the crowed market of faux stone and stone veneer, there are several things that you should ask yourself.  If you are like me and you care about the lasting impact of our decisions and the effects that they will have on the world that we leave to the next generation.  Then there are a lot of questions about how green the faux stone you are choosing is.  One of the biggest questions to ask is how are the faux stones created.  Where are the raw materials from.  Often times faux stone is created from real stone.  However the mining process of real stone is one of the most invasive and thoroughly damaging processes in the world.  Usually techniques include digging and trenching, and by using explosives to demolish hillsides, forests and plains.  Diesel powered heavy machinery is used in the process, which adds to the pollution of air and water.  The process of quarrying is one of the most damaging things that can happen to a landscape.  It will permanently scar or even destroy the area, which in turn can damage or destroy the local flora and fauna that called that area home.  When I went looking for a faux stone, I looked for products that were created by a combination of polyurethane and color oxides into one of several cast stone, rock or brick molds.  Extreme pressure is applied to the raw material and the mold, which results in a highly dense, realistic-looking finished faux siding product.  While there aren’t many faux stones that are made with that kind of commitment to the environment, I have found one that is.  GenStone is a company that prides itself on its green process.  Not only do they craft the faux stones according to a specific formula, every single faux stone is hand checked to make sure that the quality is high enough to carry the GenStone name.  Another consideration to make sure you consider when choosing the right faux stone for your project is toxicity.  While a faux stone could hypothetically use green techniques in its production, there is the chance that some of the raw materials could have a toxicity that could negatively affect the home and its inhabitants.  Once again, GenStone is a company that exceeds in this department.  Their products comply with all OSHA regulations and they also comply with California Proposition 65, which was designed to eliminate expose to toxicity in consumer products.  If you are thinking about choosing faux stone, you probably have already made up your mind about using a product that is green and toxic free.  I find that of all the products on the market, the faux stone from GenStone is the one that makes me feel the best about my self and my project.  I don’t want to just leave the my house to my kids.  I want to leave a world that was taken care of.  I am glad the previous generations took care of the planet and I want to pass their legacy on.

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Stone veneer can be great home improvement

Many people look for opportunities that they can improve their home as they live in it through the years. To me at home is an investment that if we improve it when it comes time to sell we can make money off of our venture.  Home-improvement projects can be simple or very complex. One complex project that has been made simpler is that of using stone veneer for making in improving stone siding or various projects in the home as well. These stone veneer panels can even be used for backsplash. They’re not too thick and not too thin at the same time. They’re great way to add some depth to a kitchen project. Individual stone has to be stacked cut and fit to exact pieces can be very time-consuming. But I faux stone that is on panels can be installed easily and quickly. It allows you to install several stones at the same time.  This is why it can be a great home improvement project without being a huge hassle. These stone panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors. They allow you to install them without having to use cement to hear them. It’s even easier than tile. You can put these on with screws to set them in place and you are set to go. They’re not made out of cheap materials either. They carry the same weight as though you installed real stone.  They look and feel like the real thing, they in fact are made out of rock and stone.  These stone panels come in a way that they can be stacked together as well this also is a big part of making the installation easy. This is a project that any home-improvement homeowner can do it on their own.  >It only takes a few tools like I saw any screwdriver to be able to put these in. Because the installation is so easy you are able to save time by not having to hire a professional.  These can easily be installed to your home over a weekend project. Getting it done leaves your home improvement project simple and easy. You have a little cleanup and little to do the project as a whole that is necessary. The benefits greatly outweigh the cost as well. It’s simple to do and easy making it a great way to have a home-improvement done in your home. Because they’re so versatile you can use these stone panels for anything from backsplash is tile around the fireplace or even use as stone siding around the home. It can be a great way to add a look and feel to the home that is really inviting. Stone veneer has become very popular today. Using modern techniques these faux stones are getting easier and easier to use. Check out the different looks you can find online and see which one works best for you. It’s easy to see why some many people are using these is a great way to improve their homes. And of course they are a great home improvement project that anybody can get their hands on.

Which Faux Stone Panels Are Right For You?

Whether you are just improving the curbside appeal of your house or are preparing to sell it, new siding can be an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to immediately improve the look of your house. As brick and stone exteriors are trending right now, it might behoove you to think about installing stone veneer siding to your house. There are lots of benefits, it is cheap, and they are increasingly popular. But it is not necessarily clear what all of your options are and what are the best ones. When you call up Genstone siding, do not hesitate to ask for some guidance and consulting. Take full stock of all of the options before you, and do not be afraid to ask “the dumb questions”. You may have more options than you think. There are a variety of, first, styles of stone siding and of, second, ways to use that stone siding. The styles are many. The color can vary from a stone siding that looks slate to that which looks like limestone. The patterns vary, as well. From an ordered and tidy look to a random, scattered look, there are lots of directions to go. But you can also go with brick. In the same way as the faux stone, the faux brick comes in a variety of styles, color, and patterns. Make sure that whoever is guiding you through the process is giving you the full swath of options. But the style that you land upon will hinge on the purpose for the siding. You can use these sidings on the faces of your house. They are durable and easy to install, and they are great for insulation. They will significantly cut down on the energy costs for your home. But this is not the only option for you. You can put them in your deck and create a nice little oasis for the backyard, which contrasts neatly with the front yard. In the backyard, it does not have to be the walls, either. I have seen grills that are lined with slate-looking stone siding, giving a wonderful barbeque appearance. You can transform your backyard into the summer hangout. Your business buildings could use new siding too. Faux stone panels are not limited to residential buildings. From garages, signs, columns, patios, or metal buildings, you can use faux stone or brick siding panels I a multitude of ways. But those ways may be unknown to you until you consult with an expert. Tell the person what you are interested in, whether it is functional or aesthetic, and let them guide you. Because they have worked with so many clients and seen so many creative applications of these faux stone and brick siding panels, they will have a greater reservoir of ideas. They can draw upon more examples to find something that you are going to love and be excited to show off. Or it might just be the thing needed to sell your house, and the pros at Genstone will know the best thing for whatever your purpose is.


Matching the walls to the patio

We finally have a finished look in our back yard, and I love it so much I can’t wait to throw a party and have everyone over to see it. We decided to put the stone veneers along the back of the house , over stone patio, and now everything matches. It really brought the whole back yard together and now everything looks like it was put together by a master planner architect. But we didn’t have to hire anyone, we just ordered them and did it ourselves. We were able to get a great back yard and to save a lot more money than if we had hired someone to give us the idea and then hired someone to install the stone veneers, and it was so easy for us to do it ourselves. It took the bulk of the weekend, but that included all the driving to check out the veneers and decide on the color and the style, and then unpacking them from the back of the truck. The actual installation didn’t take very long, and we knew right away that it would perfectly match our patio and that it really was going to make everything feel so much more pulled together. We still have a great grassy area, but the patio and the stone veneers on the side of the house make that the area where everyone wants to congregate and hang out.  So now we eat outside and just spend our time out there, because its much better than in the house this summer.

My first introduction to faux stone

I had never before heard of faux stone, but when we were at the nursery the other day to purchase the new trees that we want to plant this spring, they had a whole display up to show what can be done for outdoor patios and walls. There are really some cool things that you can do with faux stone, because it is so much lighter than real stone, its much thinner, and it can easily be installed by anyone. So you can actually install it on the outside of your house, right over the paneling or the shingles or whatever. There is no need to do anything else but put it right on. And suddenly the space looks different, with stone walls instead of wood or vinyl. Now we are making all kinds of plans for what we are going to do with it, and you can buy the faux stone in practically every color. It is cast from a mold that is made with real stone, so the look is exactly the same as stone, it just is much easier to deal with. We love that we can get the same look, but we don’t have to deal with buying and moving real heavy stone, and we can just use a drill to install it ourselves where ever we want. I want to match the patio with the faux stone, and after that we may add some to the front of the house as well, to tie it all together.


Stone panels would make a great backsplash.

One of my favorite things about the apartment in which I currently live is the backsplash in the kitchen.  At first, I was surprised that I knew what a backsplash was, but after spending some time in the house, I think that it really makes everything look better.  It truly does improve the quality of living in the home, especially because it is the first thing that you see when you walk into the house after the garage or outside.  I generally go through the back entrance of my apartment complex, so it really is the first thing that you see when you walk out.  This is different than some of the second floor apartments that must exit through only one entrance.  Nonetheless, when considering buying the place, I was thinking about any of the changes that I may want to see.  One of the changes that I was considering was replacing the current backsplash with some stone panels.  I am really happy that I did not decide to do that.  I think that it would have completely changed the mood of the place and I am thrilled that I decided to not have anything to do with that.  I was again thinking that I could have added a faux brick veneer in the living room as well.  I really like exposed brick, but in the end I think that that would be a really bad decision too.  We’ll have to see, but I think it would actually look really bad in the apartment because of all of the wood.

Stone Veneers are the Best for You

Stone panels are easy to find, especially if you know what designs you want. However, like many homeowners, you might be unsure on which designs you might want or if you even want them at all. Choosing the best stone panels will work to your advantage, just ensure that you do your research ahead of time.

Searching in the Right Areas

One of the most important things to remember when looking for stone panels is that you might not always be able to find the perfect place in just several minutes. Prior research will be necessary to understand all your options and which one will work best for you.

Look on the internet first and see what companies are located nearby. Not everyone will have the same options since every city has their own companies. Each company wants to separate themselves from their competition, so you will notice that certain companies offer services that others do not. Do not feel as though you have to settle for one over the other. Often, online vendors will provide you with shipments of the faux stone you desire.

When looking for online vendors, know that you must take everything into consideration including quality. You need to ensure that the stone you will be sent will be quality.

You must also look thoroughly into the pricing of the stone. Stone that is unaffordable is just completely unacceptable and out of the picture. Ensure you can successfully purchase the stone you want today in order to receive optimal services.

How To Locate A Brick Veneer Manufacturer

Brick veneer in faux fashion is one of the most in demand construction materials or accent pieces today. Manufacturers are plentiful, and there are a range of choices to choose from. In order to locate these manufacturers or retailers and get good deals, consider:

Online Shopping – prior to the surge of the internet, many individuals would have to do their research manually. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to shortlist a few companies by just typing in a search into your browser or major search engines. You’ll find descriptions of products, the price per square foot, the locations of retailers, whether free shipping is offered, colors and sizes available – and much more.

There are even comparison sites available to make stacking up easier. You eliminate the need to go back and forth between different manufacturer websites. Compare this notion with shopping for car insurance online.

In Town – drive through your local area to search for specialty stores that stock stone siding, brick veneers and related products. You can also check into local home improvement stores, some of which include Lowes or The Home Depot. For superior quality however, as well as add-on features like warranties and custom colors or shades, you may fare better at a specialty store.

Word of Mouth – does someone you know have one of these accents on their home? Have they boasted about the superb cost paid for renovation or redesign? Ask them to tattle on the location of the manufacturer – if they don’t mind.

Finally, newspapers will usually have deals on local consumer products. Check each week.


This is a great fireplace

As you look over at the places that a brick veneer faux might be able to go I want you to seriously consider how great it might look if you put it in your kitchen. The thing about your kitchen is that it is a classic looking kitchen and there are only a few people who are going to appreciate all the hard work you have put into this thing and you are one of the only people who are going to appreciate the way that a person thinks about kitchens. I for one really like a kitchen with some sort of brick or something like that. I also am a person who thinks very highly on people who have good taste in kitchen cabinets and all the appliances that go along with kitchens. One of the only things that are really meaningful to me are the people who are going to buy a new kitchen appliances and while doing do are completely taken aback by the fact that their brick could really one day match the rest of the house and this is a simple design problem, but one that many people make often, you should always do less with more or do more with less. This is true because it is really hard to do more with more and less with less. Actually it would be easier to do that but not as creative and you would certainly not need to buy some stone panels or anything like that.

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Stone Siding Does Not Have To Be Installed By a Contractor

The city of Denver Colorado is home to over five hundred thousand citizens and many of them are home owners actively seeking to improve the value of their home. There are a number of things that home owners in the Denver and surrounding areas can do to improve the overall look and feel of their home but many of these options can also be quite expensive. Most home owners would agree that the use of natural stone and brick materials raises the level of beauty of a home. However, natural stone and natural brick materials are among the most expensive that you can purchase. There is now a product that can offer the same aesthetic appeal and overall value that natural stone and natural brick materials bring to a home at a fraction of the cost. Faux brick and faux stone veneer products offer an easy and inexpensive way for home owners to improve their homes value. Faux stone and faux brick products have seen an uptick in popularity as of late as home owners in the Denver and surrounding areas have begun to witness their great value.

Another added benefit of using faux stone or faux brick materials is that they do not need to be installed by a professional contractor, though they can be if the home owner so chooses. Faux brick materials such as stone siding are extremely easy to install and require only a few common tools to do so. This ease of installation helps to keep the cost associated with these materials down. Installing natural stone and brick materials is extremely labor intensive and expensive.

veneer in your kitchen

Among the many things that you need to do this afternoon is put together those stone panels for the rest of your wood flooring to make sure that it matches. I know that this is a home improvement project that you are wanting to do and you hate to be that guy. You know that guy. The one that just sits around and talks about his home and fixes it up on the weekend. You will be that guy the moment you buy your house and you bought that house a while ago. You thought it would be an investment in the future and it would gain interest, but the truth is that you are not gaining that much interest or growth or value and now you need to do some improvements on this house of yours. I have heard that houses are not worth what the used to be and this is alarming. I am wondering what the obsession with prince is. It is not an obsession, hopefully. I mean he does like to talk about it and it is something to be flirtatious about. I guess I’ll take whatever is going to be a flirtatious thing and that is okay. I am going to have some fun and this is a nice thing to think about. And I know there are some things that should be said about the way that you are thinking about faux stone and other such things that matter like that. And this is the truth about those things.

Kitchen makeover to die for

I’ll be the first one to say that I am a bored housewife, but when I’m in between sending the kids to school and picking them up from practices I watch HGTV. I am obsessed with this TV network. So, it didn’t take too long before I decided to redo a part of my kitchen all by myself. I talked it through with my husband and we were able to enhance our kitchen with one simple addition: a faux stone wall.

I have a wonderful husband and a great family, but I have always hated our kitchen. Heck, I spend a lot of time in that part of the house, so I better like it. At any rate, as a result of watching all of these HGTV shows, I wanted to add a great feature to our kitchen and to our home. Here’s a picture of the end product.

We used to have this outdated tile that didn’t even match our wonderful cabinets. Plus, with tile, food and gunk would constantly find its way on the tile. It just didn’t work. The previous owners attempted to renovate the kitchen by redoing the cabinets and coutnertops, but they must have run out of money to do the tiles (who knows what really happened). At any rate, I absolutely love the stone siding and now our kitchen looks complete. The best part about it is that I did it by myself and it was very affordable. I can’t believe how great it looks!